Some things in life are a little harder than others to accept. Hair on your upper lip resembling a large burly man happens to be one of them.

When one of my clients gently said, “Why don’t you get your lip waxed?” I knew it was time! The thought of waxing my upper lip was horrifying…..but what I did decide played out to be much worse!

I heard great things about “THREADING,” so I just walked into a place right next to my beloved Bloomies. I was happy about the $10.00 charge, and I felt like a true beauty blogger investigating my beauty options.

As I laid my head back, I would have never predicted the sound that came out of my mouth. At the top of my lungs and with tears in my eyes, I shrieked, “Holy mother of God!” That’s not even one of my normal expletives. SO…threading hurts. However, threading is cheap, quick, and there is zero recovery time (other than the trauma). Also, there are no ingrown hairs, redness or zits after.

If you were to ask me if I will do it again, the answer is actually yes!

I may have to choose a new place the quiet little lady was a bit frightened by me.

Tracilee Messina