The Best Eye Makeup Remover

We can get pretty excited over here at Your Basic Beauty.  We have been known to scream over highlighters and maybe jump up and down about long lasting lipsticks, but this little baby has brought us to a stand still...jaw dropping pause. Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover Stick.  The container alone had us at hello.  It has all of the eye makeup removing power of a soaked cotton ball.  You roll it up like a chapstick, swipe under the eyes and wipe away with a Q-Tip, tissue or honestly your finger. Swoosh and your raccoon eyes are gone.  Talk about a SAVE THE DAY solution for a women on the go.

Eye makeup remover, on the go!

Eye makeup remover, on the go!

This solves the problems for all of YBB's Categories of Beauties:

Beginner Beauty: Stash in back pack to use after a long History class...quickly use in bathroom before your Math session with your school crush.

Authentic Beauty: Keep in your favorite tote to freshen up before your next interview or keep in your party handbag to freshen up on your way to the next party.

Confident Beauty: This is confidence in a tiny tube.  Keep in your briefcase to freshen up after a long work day on your way to the mandatory work dinner.  Keep in your gym bag and use after hot yoga has melted you and your mascara.  Look fresh while you sip a refreshing smoothy.

YBB Event Makeup Application: We can use this while applying makeup to quickly correct a mistake. So can you!