The Benefit of Benefit


I love when I learn about a new product and it takes me by surprise. This past summer my beautiful and fun niece came to spend a couple of nights on her way to Cape Cod. I was very excited and of course, top of our agenda, was to play with makeup! Before we left on our product seeking adventure in the city she said, "I'm sure you must love the benefit Stay Don't Stray product.  I am all out, and it is my third tube I've gone through already." Rarely am I at a loss for words, but I DID NOT KNOW this product!!! I simply could not figure out why I didn't know about this product due to my unyielding devotion to the benefit brand. Fast forward 1 hour, and we both were at the cashier at Sephora with our new fabulous product in hand!

Here are the facts about Stay Don't Stray.

  • It helps concealers and eyeshadows stay put. YES BOTH!!!!

  • It evens out eyelid discoloration.

  • It reduces under eye circles.

  • It’s perfect for the no-makeup look.


Thanks Ellie!