Brush it Off


We love cleaning our makeup brushes.  There is something therapeutic about it and of course absolutely neccessary for proper hygiene. Failing to clean your brushes on a regular basis causes product buildup and bacteria which can be damaging to your skin. Make this a beauty habit!

Take a look at a few of our favorite methods for cleaning makeup brushes:

Foundation & Concealer Brushes: These are the brushes we use to apply any liquid makeup, like concealers, foundations, BB creams, tinted moisturizers, etc. These should be cleaned somewhat frequently as you want to rid the bush of stored, excess product. We use Johnson&Johnson Baby Shampoo to accomplish this task. Rinse the brush under warm water, pour a nickel sized amount of the shampoo in your palm, swirl the brush around, rinse and ring out the brush under warm water; repeat until the brush rings out clean! baby shampoo video

Powder Brushes: To keep the bristles soft and strong on these brushes we use a makeup brush cleaning spray. Simply hold the spray 2-3 inches away from the brush, spritz product a few times reaching the sides, and top of the brush, set it down to let it dry.  Sephora's Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser works great. Brush Spray Video

Eyeshadow Brushes: Don't forget about the eyes! We need to make sure we are protecting our eyes from product build up on shadow brushes as well. We LOVE using these Sephora cleansing brush wipes for this. So easy, and they leave your brushes clean.  Cleansing Wipe Video


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Clean is pretty