Changes in Skin with Changes in Seasons

blotting papers

blotting papers

Does your skin always seem to react with the change of seasons?  Mine does. Friends say, "I don't know what is happening. I am so oily all of a sudden!" or "Aaaah I just completelry broke out, and I don't know why!?"  We just don't realize that the change in the climate can reak havoc on our skin.  It can even be changing from heat to air conditioning.

Whatever the cause, I have a solution.  Blotting Papers!  They are a simple tool to help you transition.

NYX makes a variety of blotting papers at a great price ($4.00-6.00). Keep them in your pocket, backpack, gym bag, tote or car glove compartment.  I think using them at about 3:00pm each day is ideal for me, but you can really use them whenever you think necessary!

Matte: Creates a matte finish after blotting, if you prefer this look.

Fresh Face: For Acne Prone Skin.  I use this one!

Green Tea: Rejuvenates skin and leaves it feeling fresh.

Tea Tree: For excess shine.  Blots but does not effect makeup.