Confidence & Clarity

Beauty comes from the inside out: Our mantra, time and time again.  To date we have not found one single beauty product that works better than CONFIDENCE.  Confidence is directly correlated to how you feel within yourself and about yourself. We here at YBB have been in perpetual pursuit of overall wellness since we started.  Our tag line is:

"Simple steps, habits and beliefs create beauty in motion."

This blog post is to introduce to you our Super favorite practice of REIKI.  It is a simple step, a belief and a habit you can incorporate into your life to set Your Beauty in Motion! Reiki is a non-touch healing therapy. It is an ancient Japanese technique used to clear and balance the body’s energy, which in turn helps promote healing. Reiki employs a natural, non-invasive method that helps the body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a peaceful, relaxing and serene process. The word “Reiki” means “spiritually guided life force energy.” Besides the experience of peace, calm and rejuvenation you get from Reiki a bonus side effect is CLARITY. Reiki restores your equilibrium and maximizes your mental and physical health.  When stressful information, events or emotions present themselves you are better able to receive, process and properly act on them.  When we have clarity we will see ourselves through our best lens and make better decisions regarding our life, health and happiness.

This is Soni our friend, soul sister and local angel.  We all at YBB have experienced the profound changes physically and mentally that sessions with Soni can bring.  She has an open heart, mind and radiates LOVE.  As a Reiki master Soni incorporates her love and belief in the healing power of crystals, and aromatherapy with her hands on practice.  Did we mention Soni is an artist and makes unique one of a kind jewelry. You would simply swoon over her pieces. Please peruse Soni's website to learn more about the practice of Reiki and shop her creations. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter, it is filled with inspiration and a little gift in your inbox.

Take a breath and check out Soni's healing space in the gallery below.