Daily Skin Hydration.


Let's be honest, winter skin is not our best skin. It is coping with the weather just like we are. Help keep moisture locked in by adding a few products to your daily regimen.  These two must have's will make a big difference in your everyday this season. Rosebud Salve is an absolute staple in the Basic Beauty collection. Not only is it an amazing lip therapy, it also acts as an aide to heal cuts, or add moisture to other parts of the face or body. It can be used under lipstick to create a barrier from chapped lips and assist in a smooth lipstick application. It can also be used on top of lip liner or matte lipsticks to add needed shine and moisture. We have at least 3 each!

Eau Thermale Spring Water is a new favorite. An excellent product to keep with you at all times. It can be worn on its own, under makeup, or over makeup. It refreshes your face anyway it's used.  Just lightly spray, and let it dry. The water will absorb into the skin making for a soft and supple face. This is a must for long flights.