De-Mystifying the Makeup Alphabet

Thought you’d only have to learn the ABC’s in preschool?  Sorry beauts, but we have to learn them all over again as adults!  The new wave of BB, CC, and now DD creams are true multitaskers, giving you the skin care benefits you want, with the coverage you need! Think of them as the 2-in-1-shampoo-and-conditioner of the cosmetics world.  Well, maybe not … I mean, what’s worse than 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner?  These new “alpha creams” deserve a bit more respect.  Finding which letter works best with your skin can be the hardest part, so here’s a quick beauty breakdown of what they all mean, and do! BB cream – Beauty Balm

Lightweight for people who don’t need a lot of coverage … Works as a moisturizer, primer, contains SPF, brightens skin tone, and improves skin texture.  This is heavier than a tinted moisturizer but feels more lightweight than a normal liquid foundation.  I would recommend BB cream for people who don’t need substantial coverage, but want something more than a tinted moisturizer, and want to reap the benefits it has to offer!

CC cream –Conceal and Correct/Color Corrector

A little closer to, but still not quite foundation … Works as a moisturizer, primer, contains SPF, works to even skin tone, cancel out redness, lessen the appearance of dark spots/scars, and smooth’s complexion.  I would recommend CC cream for people who need a bit more coverage, but don’t want the ‘cakey’ feel that some concealers and foundations leave behind.  And again, you get the coverage, with the benefits!

 DD cream –Disguise and Diminish, Dynamic Do-All 

D for “Do tell your mom about this one!”  The newest addition to the alphabet; DD cream hasn’t quite hit the circuit like CC and BB have, but trust me, it will! This cream has anti-aging properties that continue to work even after removing your makeup.  It hydrates, and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while brightening and firming the skin.  With buildable coverage, you can decide how much you need!

Makeup that actually HELPS your skin?  CCould this BBe a DDream?

My Favorite BB Cream:

Garnier: Skin Renew Miracle Miracle Skin Perfecter 

My favorite CC Cream:

Supergoop: Daily Correct CC Cream

My Favorite DD Cream:

 Julep: DD Creme