gray gray go away

The dreaded day when we find our first gray hair. Or better yet when we find our first gray eyebrow or chin hair. There are many more options to cover your gray roots or coarse hairs than you realize.  It is really personal preference for how you want to cover your gray.  There are wands, sprays, powders, and dyes. It really comes down to which one you feel the most skilled and comfortable using.

Picking the color that best matches your hair is the most important decision.

root coverage root dye brow dye

root coverage root dye brow dye

My favorite product is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day fill-in powder. This product also can be painted on to the scalp to help any thinning hair appear more thick. I never feel afraid of manipulating this product or that it will appear unnatural. (click photo above for shopping options)

For eyebrows, when you get your hair colored ask the stylist to put some of the dye directly onto your eyebrows.  I steal the little disposable mascara wands from Sephora and bring them with me when I get my hair done. I dip the wand into the dye and carefully trace my eyebrows,  This makes the eyebrows match my hair color as well as cover the individual gray hairs.  Colored brow gels can do the trick as well.  I love the new one, Ka-Brow by Benefit, they have the prefect selection of colors.

Pesky chin hairs can be eliminated by Electrolysis, or my go to tweezers by tweezees.  Ask a good friend or a sister to be your confidant and let you know when one is showing.  Girls should stick together.


Better yet....Embrace your gray, work with your stylist and ROCK IT!