Makeup Vanity Makeover

Organize Your Way to Beauty.

There is no better feeling than organizing, cleaning, and THROWING AWAY (yes, I said it) your makeup and other products. As a makeup artist and cosmetic enthusiast, my beauty inventory climbs very quickly.  I noticed my makeup drawers and containers were overflowing, and in reality I was only using certain products day to day. I'm sure this is a situation familiar to most, especially my fellow Birchbox members!  Basic Beauty is encouraging us all to declutter and organize; a spring cleaning for your beauty products, vanity space or bathroom sink! I have a few simple steps to make your life easier, and more manageable.

  1. Lay it All Out. This was the scariest (and most time consuming) part. Take everything from brushes, to that sample of foundation you got from Sephora 3 months ago and lay it all out on a clean towel.

  2. Time to Choose. Now that you are looking at every item of makeup you own- choose the products you use everyday, or most often. You may use certain things for your day to day makeup versus your night out look.

  3. Throw it, Categorize it and Store it. Being a makeup artist and beauty blogger I have lots of extraneous products and tools. I am careful to keep my work kit seperate from my personal makeup. This also goes for any makeup that you may be taking a break from; like an eyeshadow palette you love but are currently trying something new. Or certain lipsticks, concealers, you use only in the summer. Store that in a separate makeup bag or clear plastic box. You can even mark by season or by specific occasion. Labeling can be half the fun. Then when you need your self tanner and dark bronzer there it is in a free Clinique bag with a cute tage saying "Summer Fun". Whatever doesn't make the cut- toss it!

  4. Clean it. Everything you're choosing to keep deserves a thorough clean! We tend to use the last of our makeup towellets to clean the inside of makeup bags, mirrors in compacts and the inside of the concealer tops. And of course you know how we love to clean our brushes! See post Brush it Off! for a full work-up on how we clean our brushes. Click here to see how we place our every day favorites exactly where we need them!

It's a Beautiful Thing!


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