Mascara Matters

Beauty Blogger's have a right to change their minds.

As you all know, Basic Beauty swears by Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara.. but recently I couldn't take it anymore and had to buy the cult favorite mascara by the one and only, Trish McEvoy.  Not one to follow the crowd.. BUT


This is her TUBULAR Volumizing Mascara.  Here is why you must have it:

  • It covers the eyelashes in 360 degrees.

  • It is water resistant.

  • It DOES NOT smudge or smear.

  • It comes off completely with warm water when you wash your face.

  • I LOVE not having the extra black smudge in the morning, that I need to get off with eye make up remover.

  • It gets the short little hairs that are so difficult to find.

Trish McEvoy is a true beauty icon and I trust her products implicitly.  Here is a TBT from when I first started my beauty business.



Don't forget, I've always sworn by her Eye Brightener Pencil.  I say it's like an eye-lift in one swoop.  Blend directly under brow for a highlighted and lifted look!