There is no better place to witness true beauty than in the bond between Mothers and Daughters. For the month of May, in honor of Mother's Day, Basic Beauty is celebrating Mothers and Daughters. We are going to ask them 2 simple questions: What do you find beautiful in each other and what do you find beautiful in yourself.

The best beauty tool is self-love (and maybe a good eyelash curler!)  Most of a girl's belief system is passed on by their mother and thus passed on again to the next generation.

Let's celebrate who we are!

Our first family is Eliza (Daughter) and Jen (Mom)

A picture is worth a thousand words....


It doesn't take long spending time with this duo to see who is in the driver's seat.  But it all made sense when I asked Eliza what it was she loved about her Mom.  "My Mom loves me no matter what."  It's only with this level of acceptance that we soar!

Eliza simply stated her favorite thing about herself..."I'm funny!"

Jen gushed that her favorite part about Eliza is how she lives out loud with joy and exuberance. She said what she digs about herself is how open she is to constantly learning.

Jen sets a great example for Eliza by running a business that she is passionate about from her home.  She works for Arbonne and feels confident about the founding premise of the company, the botanically based ingredients (the only products that work on Eliza with her allergies) and the overall wellness potential.  She and Eliza often work as a team in the sales process of the business.

If I had to place a bet..... the odds are in favor of this team!


Jen is wearing Arbonne Lip liner in Tulip, Smoothed over lipstick in Hibiscus topped off with Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Calla.  Eliza is wearing Glossed over Lip Gloss in Mimosa.