What's that saying....A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.......yes, that's it!

Basic Beauty loves Prom season because we get to play with all of our glitter and gloss.  We see so many young pretty girls bubbling with excitement for their big night.  We get to see gorgeous dresses, fabulous shoes, nervous dates and beautiful flowers.

We head into the season with a plan on how to assure that the makeup can stand up to the selfies, the family pictures, the parties and the dancing.  This year we used a couple new products and we feel really good about them.  #promszn isn't over, so stay tuned for some more fun pictures.  But we couldn't go another minute with out sharing this quintessential prom picture.  This, my Basic Beauty friends, says it all.  Look closely at the details, you'll see confidence, fun socks, gratitude, sheer happiness, and OH the RED SHOES!


Here are our new prom essentials:

Eye Primer: ULTA Brand Eye Primer in Champagne.  This is a great color even alone on the lid.  Add definition to the crease and you are all set.

Face Primer:

Lip Primer: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer.  SO GREAT!  Hydrates and keeps the lipstick from fading.  You don't need to go to the prom to go get this!

Setting Powder:  RCMA The Original No Color Powder.  A less expensive alternative is NYX HD Finishing Powder.