THE WEDDING ....Countdown

The one week countdown is officially on!  This has been a fun filled year for Your Basic Beauty!  Filled with Love, Parties, Presents and Wedding Planning.


People have been asking all year....Who is going to do Gemma's make up? Of course we weren't! Do Doctors operate on their own children? NO!  After a fun filled search, Gemma has picked the perfect company to do her and her bridal party's make up. (Stay tuned for LIVE Coverage on instagram and facebook, August 10th) 

But everyone did want to know the answer to the BIG QUESTION.......Which lipstick is she wearing on her wedding day?  We are excited to reveal that it is the most perfect neutral with a flair .... "BOUND" by NARS.

We simply can't wait!

wedding, bride, bridesmaids, groom

wedding, bride, bridesmaids, groom