Wedding Hair Prep


Hair, hair, HAIR. Having a great head of hair on your wedding day is imperative... but it's a process! Not only do some people (myself included) need a little TLC when it comes to growth and thickness in order to achieve that perfect pulled back 'do, but getting the color right is a necessity as well. Timing in all of this is key; If you can swing it, giving yourself 8-12 months before the wedding is a perfect amount of time to train your hair for the big day.

Now, let's pick our products.

Vitamins. These are number one for a reason. Put good in, get good out! The benefits of adding vitamins into your daily regimen will feed not only your hair, but your skin, nails, and overall healt

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrition Program is a  targeted and natural hair supplement for thin, or thinning hair.

Biotin is another hair, skin & nails supplement, however it contains more benefits for digestive, and energy levels.

Omega 3 The original! Adding omega-3 into your diet will not only improve your hair's strength, but is a great supplement for your skin.

Haircuts & Coloring Find a hairdresser you trust (even if it is not the one doing your hair on your wedding day) and make a hair plan with them. Show pictures of how you envision your hair on your wedding day, and come up with a way to make that happen, or listen to their suggestions and visions of what they think will work for you.

Coloring is a Process. If you see yourself with sandy blonde hair on your wedding day, yet are currently a chocolate brown brunette, do not expect to be blonde overnight. Take your time with the color. Depending on how drastic of a change you are going for, it could take 3 visits before you and your hairdresser reach your desired color.

Time your Last Appt.! Don't get your hair colored too close to the day of your wedding. 1.5-2 weeks gives the color time to settle into your hair for a more natural look.

Trim to Grow. If you want your hair to grow, you need to get it cut! Dead ends will do nothing but stunt the growth of your hair. Don't fall off your haircut wagon because you think it's the only way to grow out your hair- it's the opposite!

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