What's in your bag- Authentic Beauty



Tory Burch York Buckle Tote

The be all end all for millennial bag holders! Perfect for work and play; the office and the bar.

Surface Tablet:

 A slim, sleek tablet that's perfect for your daily travel routine.

Mini Lint Roller:

Seems strange, but be honest- you just thought about beneficial it would be. And yes, it totally is.

Dry Shampoo

Need your hair to transition nicely from day to night?  Or for some (myself included) morning to afternoon? Can't survive a day without this stuff. That being said, DON'T over do it!


No more throwing your money/cards/change free in your bag. Keep it together!


Life is harsh! Be prepared.

Lip Therapy:

I prefer a chapstick with some bonus features such as color and shine!


 Squinting causes unwanted and premature wrinkles!! Keep your sunglasses near and dear wherever you go.

Mineral Water Spray:

 An amazing up and comer in skin care.  This can be used before or after facial cleansing, throughout the day, or essentially whenever you need it.  Soothes, protects, and heals skin. A must have for girls and women of all ages.

Travel/Roll-On Perfume: 

 Who knows what the day will bring, it's always nice to have something to spritz yourself with in times of need.

Coffee Card:

 Best gifts to get. Always better to drink your coffee pre-paid.


Even though we're so online these days, a pen is always a necessity.