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purse whats in your bag make up products

purse whats in your bag make up products

Tumi bag.  Last bag I will ever need to own because it is perfect in everyway.  Pockets, zipper pouches, size, leather, and color are sheer perfection.  It even has a secret zipper to open and allow you to attach it to your carry on wheel suitcase.  Only TUMI could achieve this.

Trident gum.  My Mom always had trident, so I do now.  But God forbid I would have to unwrap a little rectangle piece like she did.  I just pop mine out.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray.  I simply don't know why anyone would not have this in their bag.  It can be used at any or all times to refresh face, revitalize hair or spray on your friend who doesn't have one.

Bobbi Brown Tube Tint.  Bobbi discontinued this for awhile.  She just came back with them and needless to say I have a few.  This is my all time favorite for every reason.  Color, applicator, hydration and staying power.

Wet Ones Singles. I love a travel pack.  I use these constantly.  On hands after dog, restaurants and turnpike rest stops!

Shout Wipe and Go.  I don't know about you but I have maybe 3 shirts each season that I worship and wear constantly.  I refuse to let a spill ruin my uniform.

Note pad.  I steal the note pads and pens from every hotel I stay in.  I use them for everything.  I like a little memory of the time I was on vacation and left the towel on the bathroom floor.

Nail file. Never leave home with out one.

Dollar Bills.  You never seem to have them but when you do it is the BEST.

Trish McEvoy Lip Perfector Conditioning Balm.  This is a chapstick and lip stain.  It is my new obsession.  I love to swipe it on before an early morning spin class to look less dead.

Tory Burch Eyeglasses.  I had to have them, her over priced flip flops weren't enough.

Rescue Remedy Plus Lozengers.  I love the feeling of popping one of these in after receiving an unsettling text or waiting for 45 minutes for a child pick up.  You feel rescued!

Bag of Crystals.  Everyone should have them.  I believe in the power of crystals.  Especially the rose quartz.  They bring you strength, clarity and resolve.  I'll take what I can get!

Iphone 6 plus.  Too big, it's bothering me but it doesn't stop me from living on it.

Iphone stick on Wallet Case.These are so great to have so you can run out the door with your debit card and license on you.

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