Bring out your inner bombshell.

Do you ever ask yourself: What is my look? Do I have the correct products? How can I rejuvenate my appearance and feel better? You might be having a case of the beauty blues. With the Beauty Overhaul package, we’ll help you beat the beauty blues by developing a look and beauty regimen that’s an authentic reflection of your inner greatness.

How it works:

  1. We make an appointment that is convenient to your schedule in your home or in my studio.

  2. I am armed with a giant duffle filled with my arsenal of beauty products, makeup and cleaning wipes!

  3. We go into your bathroom or vanity room where you put on your makeup and blow dry your hair.

  4. You reveal all of your beauty products.

  5. We peek in the shower, under your sink, and in your drawers that are stuffed with “Things I never use.”

  6. We review together what products best suit the desired look and your beauty goals.

  7. We joyfully throw out unnecessary items. This feels SO good.

  8. We reorganize the products to make your daily routine simple, clutter free and HAPPY.

  9. We complete a thorough makeup application lesson so that you know exactly how to apply your own makeup.

  10. I leave you with a detailed list of every product I suggest and where to purchase it. An email version is sent with links to the products for ease of shopping.  We know how busy you are!

The Beauty Overhaul package can be completed in my Needham studio as well.

Schedule your Beauty Overhaul today!