Build a confident team. Inspire your employees. Inspire yourself!

Studies have proven that confident women get hired, achieve more corporate success, and have a better self-image. My talks and facetime sessions are aimed at bringing out the confidence that’s within us all and can help women with busy lives generate confidence in the way they look with quick and easy tips and tricks, insight, beauty knowledge and demonstrations.

My talks are scalable to your audience.  I can speak to an individual, a small group, or a big conference room. We can tailor my talk to meet your objectives all while enthusiastically revealing the latest trends in the beauty industry.

Topics for talks are customizeable but have previously included:

  • How to match your beauty products to the change in seasons

  • 5 simple steps to achieve a more professional look

  • How to go from day to night in 3 simple steps

Facetime and Inspiration is available for individuals or groups in person or over Skype.

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